Take control of your career

Legal Career Management helps you determine what exactly it is that you want out of your career and helps you successfully pursue it. Unfortunately, legal recruiters don’t have a magic little black book of “perfect” jobs; it’s up to you to define your own career, which is actually the only way to ensure a successful transition into it.

Contrary to the role of a legal recruiter, who works on behalf of a company or firm, Karen supports your needs, helping each attorney understand what it is s/he wants to do and develop a targeted strategy to achieve this. Every career strategy is uniquely tailored for each individual client.

There are a few common places that people get “stuck” during the career exploration process, and Legal Career Management provides an objective third-person perspective on what these are, and helps you move through them.

Exclusively for the Legal Profession

Legal Career Management understands the specific challenges facing lawyers. Unlike other career counseling firms, our legal career coaching programs and services are designed exclusively for the legal profession.

Legal Career Management's career counseling services include:

 Self-Assessment and Career Exploration:

  • Personalized career transition assessment
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your past accomplishments
  • Identification of your talents, motivations and values
  • Guidance in exploring your career options
Preparation for Career Search
  • Results-oriented resume and cover letter review
  • Interviewing and networking training
  • Guidance in working with legal search firms
  • Exploration of the "hidden job market"
  • Development of your personal career search plan
Sustained Motivation
  • Ongoing evaluation of your career search techniques
  • Refinement of your networking and interviewing skills
  • Assistance in evaluating offers and options
  • Guidance in negotiating compensation packages
Customized Support
  • Targeting prospective employers
  • Time management
  • Practice development
  • Alternative career paths
  • Outplacement assistance