"I couldn't have done it without you!"

"Many thanks for all your assistance, wise counsel and support . . . I can't tell you how much it helped to work with you and to have your attention, interest and help."

"Thank you so much for all of your help . . . Had it not been for you, your insights and your empathy, I am certain I could not have endured this difficult time."

"Thank you for all your work and advice. You've added real value to my search."

"I just wanted to let you know how helpful you were in my situation. It meant a lot to me that you really listened, but the experience that you brought was also really valuable."

"Next year will be my first year as partner. Thanks for your support along the way."

"I really appreciate all of your support during a rough period."

"How can I thank you enough? With great appreciation and thanks. . . ."

"I appreciate so much all of your help, guidance and support throughout this whole process, which I am thrilled has ended the way that it has!"

"Karen, thank you for all your help with my job search. You are fantastic!”

“Thank you for your wisdom and insight during this stressful time. It would be very challenging for me if I had to go through this alone.  I want you to know that your guidance is truly appreciated.”

“Money well spent!  Thank you, Karen!”

“Thanks for all your help with career and life decisions.  I am excited for this next step.”

“Thanks again for your invaluable help! I really like my new firm.”

“Thank you for your support, your suggestions, your editing of my resume, and most importantly, for being such a tremendous advocate during my job search.  I have truly enjoyed our time together . . . . .With gratitude and appreciation.”

“I am happy to relay that I report for work at [my new firm] with a sizeable salary/benefit bump. . . . I don’t believe I would have received the offer without your excellent advice and support.”

“I LOVE IT HERE still! I feel so lucky to have made this switch –It’s been two years  . . . .  I never thought I’d enjoy my legal career so much.”  I owe so much to you – keep up the good work, Karen.”

“I do want to thank you again for all your help with the job search. I’m not sure I took the time to do that properly, since I was so caught up in all the drama. I want you to know how much I really appreciate all your assistance.”